Software Delivery. 

- Held monthly in London

If you are passionate about continual improvement of software delivery, come and be part of our community.

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If your role involves anything to do with software delivery, you will find these events thought-provoking and enjoyable; whether you are a developer, an architect or a delivery manager.

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Our events are free to attend and have included attendees from Facebook, Aviva, Deliveroo, GDS, Secret Escapes, Skyscanner, and many more.

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ISDL Events

Each ISDL event is unique but continues our mission to Improve Software Delivery.

What to Expect

  • To learn about tips and tools that will improve your software delivery capability.
  • Network with a thriving community of professionals from different backgrounds and sectors.
  • A chance to see early demos & presentations, and be a part of awesome projects as they come together.
  • Be on top of industry trends, inspired by role models and discover new approaches.

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Join us for free pizza, drinks & the chance to help make a difference to software delivery.